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About Us

Columbus Accountant – Helping Build Better Businesses through Greater Financial Intelligence.

Columbus Accountant is the largest independent accounting and business solutions provider for micro-enterprise to small and large organizations. We offer a gamut of services including consulting, sale of business accounting software and related products, peripherals meant to efficiently handle all accounting related tasks an organization with complete accuracy and flexibility.

We provide the latest range of business accounting software solutions, unique bookkeeping and accounting solutions and Application Program Interface that can help take your business to a whole new level.

Integration is an integral part of our product offering as we know and it plays a key role in the decision making of a client.

Besides providing core accounting and payroll solutions, we offer a range of our complimentary add-ons to suite specific business needs that can be easily integrated into your existing system to enhance its functionality. These products include integrated commerce sol., POS system, billing, inventory, marketing, and settlement transaction software. 

How Can Our Products Bring Transformation Into Your Business?

Latest accounting software help businesses streamline and automate finance management processes, ensures easy and accurate record-keeping and increases their operational efficiency across a range of recurring processes.

This includes tasks such as automated bookkeeping, accounting, payroll management, city tax/sales tax/use tax/ property tax filing, invoicing, reconciliation, and much more. Besides this; these business software come with a lot of flexibility such as enabling role-based access control and cloud storage.

Metrics that Matters

With the help of the latest software organizations can track their problems, map performance and make the best financial decisions. In-built financial dashboards and other KPI tracking tools and specialized reports are key elements that enable organizations with timely, meaningful and actionable information that help them to engage in proactive planning and preparations and gain more control over their business trajectory.

Accounting Software Support and 100% Issue Resolution

At Columbus Accountant our aim is to provide a seamless experience to our customers with top quality all-round support that includes software installation, hassle-free integration, setting up personal email clients, support for financial data management, data migration and much more.

We have a round the clock global help-desk to provide complete troubleshooting of errors ranging from simple connectivity problems to handling complex errors. Our in-house team has trained and certified experts who have an in-depth understanding of different industry verticals that helps them deliver exceptional value and results to the client. We are proud to have some of the most progressive companies from startups to scaleups all the way to big public enterprise.

Free assessment and consultation on or write to us on about your requirement and nature of business and one of our experts will get back to you.